The SuperStash Bundle

40+ Creative Royalty-Free Music Tracks in One Big Bundle 

SuperStash royalty free music bundle

Make your videos, podcast, or advertisements pop.

Are you tired of spending countless hours digging through the big royalty-free music sites trying to find a great track for you video, podcast, or ad? Are you sick of the same old type of stock music track (oh great; another bouncy ukulele song..ugh)?

My name is Dustin, and I’m a musician, as well as someone who’s created a fair share of videos. 

When I used to look for music to add to my videos, I’d do what you’ve probably done many times. I’d go to a few of the big royalty-free music marketplaces out there and search. And listen to music. And search again. And listen to more songs again. Repeat ad nauseam. Sometimes hours at a time. Sometimes for several days – all in search of that PERFECT song for my video or project.

Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes digging through a site that has hundreds of thousands of different royalty-free music tracks available can be useful. If you’re looking for something very specific – ie. an instrumental jazz song with a tempo of 120 beats-per-minute, it can be nice to have a lot of options (if you’re looking to go that route, I’d be glad to suggest a few sites if you’re stuck). But wouldn’t it be nice to not have to spend all that time searching for music? Most of the time, a great piece of music can work well for a wide variety of projects and situations, and can even help provide extra inspiration for your work.

As I mentioned earlier, I also write/compose and play music, and have been doing so for nearly 25 years. I write instrumental music that ranges from rock, to pop, funk, jazz, atmospheric stuff and more.

Over the course of sharing my music with the world over the last few years, people started telling me things like “this type of music would work well in videos and ads”, and asking for permission to use the music in their videos.

I hadn’t really thought about that. While I’ve never had a strong desire to be a full-time touring musician (especially with 3 kids, and a wife that probably wouldn’t love the idea would no way in hell let me leave her with the kids for weeks at a time).

When people usually want to sell their music royalty-free (so that video, podcast, and ad creators can use them in their projects), they typically list them for sale on one or more of the large stock music marketplaces out there.

The stock music marketplaces typically keep around half of each sale, and to cover their overhead (advertising, staffing, etc.), they often either overcharge you, or lock you into a subscription plan.

They’ll often show you a reasonable price up front, but when you go to purchase the track(s), they show you that the license you actually need costs much more than the initial price.

I started thinking about better ways to offer my music to creators and entrepreneurs like yourself.

What if, instead of selling royalty-free music as single tracks, or as an ongoing subscription, I bundled all my best tracks together into one easily-downloadable .zip file? And what if, instead of having a bunch of confusing license options, there was just one simple license that covers all use cases? As someone who also creates videos, that sounded like something I’d personally want – so here we are.

The SuperStash Bundle features over 40 mostly-instrumental tracks ranging from catchy rock anthems, to dirty funk. All tracks are high-quality WAV files with a 24-bit bit rate and a 44.1 kHz sample rate, making sure they will sound great in any medium you’re using them for (you can preview a lot of the included tracks below).

While some of the songs included are longer songs than you might find on other royalty-free music sites and marketplaces, the nice thing about that is if you only need a 30-second clip, for example, there are lots of different parts of songs you can choose from.

This is several years worth of work, all packaged together into one zip file.

On most of the big stock music marketplaces, a premium royalty-free license usually costs $300-$400 or more – and that is only for 1 song! While I am planning on offering on the SuperStash Bundle at $299 or possibly higher (again, for over 40 tracks), I decided to offer it at only $199 for a short amount of time.

Lastly, I want to make sure you’re fully happy with this music bundle. I encourage you to check out the audio previews below before purchasing to make sure these tracks are something you’d like. The previews aren’t all the included tracks, but offers a good sampling of them.

While refunds on digital products – such as music files – usually isn’t something anyone offers, if you’re not satisfied, I’d gladly refund you the full cost (must be requested within 7 days of your purchase).

Purchase the SuperStash bundle today, and get the files sent directly to your email within minutes.

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