Creative Royalty Free Music To Make Your Videos & Podcast Stand Out

Shopping for quality royalty-free music can be time consuming and overwhelming. 

SoundStash is a new alternative for creators that are looking to spend more time actually creating, and not shopping for music.

Do you spend hours sifting through thousands of tracks on the big royalty-free music sites trying to find the perfect track for your videos or projects? Are you tired of dealing with confusing and complicated licensing on the big music sites?

Rather than selling royalty-free music tracks on a one-off basis, or making your subscribe and keep paying every month, we created a bundle featuring over 40 original tracks – all covered under one simple license.

Cheesy and overused stock music can ruin your videos 

Sick of the same old stock music options (“hey..It’s yet another ukulele song!”)? 

SoundStash is a new alternative for creators that are looking to spend more time actually creating, and not shopping for music.

We create original and inspiring instrumental royalty-free music that you can’t get anywhere else.

Original Music

Creative and inspiring music created in house, and not available elsewhere.

Instrumental music designed to make your videos, podcast, and other media engaging and memorable.

Save Your Time

Get a bundle of great royalty free tracks.

Don’t waste time digging through hundreds of thousands of songs.

Simple Licensing

No need to read through multiple licenses to figure out which option you need (& on some marketplaces, those options differ from producer to producer).

One Simple License.

Who SoundStash Is For

I know what it feels like to spend countless hours digging through different websites trying to find the best royalty free music tracks for videos, podcasts, and ads.

There are benefits to using the big royalty-free music marketplaces out there. Many of them have hundreds of thousands of royalty free music tracks available, and if you have a very specific type of music at a specific tempo in mind, in all honestly, you’d probably be better served going that route. If you want recommendations of other stock music sites, feel free to reach out and I’d be glad to help you out.

I created SoundStash as an alternative to the big royalty free music libraries. SoundStash is was designed to be a way for creators – video producers, podcasters, and advertisers – to easily get packs featuring a variety of royalty free music without having to spend time digging through tons of options. While there are times where you might want to find a specific type of music for your video, podcast, or other project, there are also times when a piece of music itself will give your work that needed spark or inspiration.

Another problem with many royalty-free music sites is licensing. You are often given a reasonable-sounding price, only to click through to realize it actually costs much more to use the music how you want to use it. SoundStash has one single license. Our license allows you to use our music in your project, regardless if you’re broadcasting to one person or millions.